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Net Label Focus: QUIET LOUNGE

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Let it be known that I a bit of a China freak. My job deals with China, and I lived there for 3 years, travelled all over Asia and have been back many times over the last ten years. My other nerdy passion is electronic music, so I have been fascinated to watch the development of the electronic music scene in Asia since I first went there in 1997. With the internet allowing millions of people to access all of the music that the world has to offer, as well as software to make music, everything changed, especially in China. Its on, and one would be wise to keep their eyes and ears on East Asia for new sounds.

Quiet Lounge
caught my eye with it's Asian theme and multiple Maoist album covers and icons on their site. The music on the label embraces not only technology and electronic music, but also traditional influences and sound sources. Tracks range from light and trancey to electroid glitch tracks. There are even tracks with Cultural Revolution bits in there, which I am a sucker for.

J.J.e from Quiet Lounge was nice enough to answer the BeatsGratis questionaire, and in such a nice and polite manner. Big up Quiet Lounge and the Asian electronix massive!

Name of Net Label: Quiet Lounge


Your Name: J.J.e

Relation to Label:
label co-founder

Age: 37

Do you have a day job?
Yes. I am a university lecturer.

Where is your label run from? Tokyo, Japan

Are most of your artists from there? No. They are from Japan, China and Italy.

How many artists are currently on the label?
6 artists

What was your inspiration to start the label?

Before we launched our QUIETLOUNGE, I had put my music, which fuses
electronic sounds with Buddhist chants, on the Vitaminic site. Some
artists who are interested in my music contacted me. Among them,
there were Asian artists who creates new electronic music by using
traditional Asian music like me. At that time, there’s quite
few netlabels that is based in Asia, and their quality was not good.
Then, we launched our QUIETLOUNGE for disseminating Asian electronic

How many releases do you have so far?
1LP and 9EP

What is the concept of your label?
QUIETLOUNGE focuses on Asian artists who are creating new music by
fusing electronic sounds with traditional Asian music.

What do you think of the “electronic music scene” in
Asia now?

Electronic music has a long history in Japan since the time of Y.M.O.
Nowadays, all genres of electronic music exist in Japan, and the
electronic music scene seems to have already grown mature. Now, I am
interested in music scene in China.
It has zing! I look forward to the continuing growth of electronic
music scene in China.

Which artists in Asia do you find most exciting right now?

Movement of Chinese electronic music scene. Especially indies scene.

I notice a lot of Maoist elements in the artwork and track titles of
your releases. Could you talk a little bit about that?

In Shanghai, a symbol of economic growth, skyscrapers tower over the
city and imports flood the market. It seems to be without particular
distinction from a sight of a city in a capitalist country. However,
the tenet of communism hides in the sight. Our music does not be a
expression of contemporary communism, but be a expression of shadows
of communism that lurks in contemporary society. The impression and
the interpretation of our music are left to the person who hears it.
We only express it. (Red Unit)

Any exciting things coming up for Quiet Lounge in 2006?

A new Ep from a new artist will soon be arriving.

Anything else?

QUIETLOUNGE produces artists that use not only Chinese elements in
their music, but also Japanese and Indian elements. Techno groups that uses Asian music and sounds are now wanted. I would like to disseminate
Asian electronic music to the world.

Note: top photo from - a great site!

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