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To date I have looked a netlabels which release various forms of electronic music. However, I love so many types of music and am always excited to come across a site which offers a large selection of music which I have never heard. THE ROOTS MUSIC LISTENING ROOM is just such a site, and I highly recommend checking it out if you have diverse tastes and are into hearing some musical heritage. THE ROOTS MUSIC LISTENING ROOM features all public domain recordings of folk, jazz and traditional music recorded between 1920 and 1970. Examples include Gospel Music of the 1920's, Folk Music of Mexico and 1940's Blues Music on Small Independent Labels.

The site also takes requests, and will search to try to accomodate people's requests, as long as the release is public domain. They ask that users keep downloads to 15-20 songs a day, so don't go bananas, yo. The downloads are crazy fast, though.

Go get your banjo on at THE ROOTS MUSIC LISTENING ROOM.



Our people over at AUDIO AUBERGINE have come correct with three new releases that are arguably the strongest on this label to date. Ranging from pretty electro to gritty hip hop, these eps from Paul Blackford, Dan Lofi and MC Skwee G with Chas Mollet (not Mollat!) on the remix are each very solid. Big standouts for me are "when worlds mix dub" by Dan Lofi and "latitude" by Paul Blackford. The production on the MC Skwee G outshines the actual mc'ing, in my opinion, and I would love to see dubs of both of these tracks on the label soon. The bass drops in "freestyle radar" rumble.

Big up Audio Aubergine crew.



One of the things that I am finding more and more interesting about net labels is that they really seem to be a forum for people to release not only a huge variety of types of music, but also music that often would find a difficult time ending up on a commercial label. This is not because the music is not of quality, but rather it just may not fit nicely into any one market, etc.

I was pleasently suprised when I came upon Haushaltsware upon the intertron. I sometimes get nervous when I begin to think that a label or artist's concept maybe more interesting that the actual music, so when I saw that Haushaltsware releases music that is all made from found objects and household appliances, I was skeptical. However, when I started to download and listen to these trax I was well into them. Very much in the spirit of EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, MATTHEW HERBERT and MATMOS, these tracks combine conceptual experimental methods and sources with raw dancefloor thump and shake. No chin stroking here, the label puts the house back in housewares.

The other cool thing about this label is that they provide sample packs for all of the releases so other people can take the source material and make their own tracks. As a purveyor of samples, this makes me happy.

Haushaltsware label head Psycoded/Mary Huna took the time to get into some detail about the label via email, so here it is:

Name of Netlabel:


Your Name:
psycoded / mary huna

Relation to Label:

founder, admin, musician

Where is your label based from?

I live in cologne. Most of the artists are from germany

What is the concept behind the label?

Idea from this Netlabel is to offer Music
which is made only out of recorded Sounds from
the Instrument that is named in the Tracktitle.
Other Samples and FX are not allowed.
Electronic Music out of Dishes, Radiators
and Knifes. All Household Articles
can be used. Haushaltsware is dedicated
to those who like to make experiments.

Where did this concept come from?
It was a quite spontan and unplanned thing. I got a wire tracer and just wanted to record some sounds… after a short time the first track was ready, and after the really great feedback I decided to open a label with that stuff.

You guys must really be into the household appliance section at the mall.
Sure. Always watching whats going on. There are good sounds nearly everywhere.

In your experience, which appliance offers the largest range of sounds?
I don`t know. The kitchen is very complex… but you can find good sounds everywhere. That’s also one of our points: just open your eyes and ears.. the rest will come to you

How many submissions do you usually get per month?
At the beginning there were a lot, but now 1 per month I guess.. so more tracks are welcome

I bet you get some pretty strange things.
Yeah, we do. But we are strange.. so it fits

What do you have planned for 2006?
For 2006 I planned to start my design-study, and help haushaltsware to world domination. There are also music-videos planned to show the world how nice a coffeemaschine can look and sound.

Ok, this is where you give your shouts out to all your people and appliances….
Ok. First thanks to all the artists that make haushaltsware to the unique thing it is. Thanks to all the remixers, soundcatchers and inspirators… without you HHW would not grow so fast… thanks a lot. Than I want to thank for hosting that stuff, my parents for feeding me and all the fans of that label that really made this thing worthy. Oke. That’s it. Lets rock it!!!

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Just added 20 new labels to the net label list, some gems there. Am working on some new label features, so keep checkin in, good stuff coming....

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