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Net Label Focus: REDOSE


With so many net labels out there, it is really hard to pick and choose to who to feature here on beatsgratis. Honestly, I usually just consult my list and send out emails to labels that catch my eye or ear. Thus was the case with my approach to Redose, a branch of the Rednetic label. This is a great example of a for profit label branching off into the net label world to showcase other music than that which they are putting out. I hope to see more labels go in this direction, offering greater exposure to the amazing amount of talent that is out there.

Mark Streatfield from Redose was nice enough to take some time from his many projects to answer some questions. Big up Redose and all London net label crew, keep it coming. (note: for an interesting feature on Mark, take a look this.)

Name of Netlabel:


Your Name:
Mark Streatfield

Relation to Netlabel:

Where is your label based out of?

How many releases do you have so far?

Where are your artists from?

London and Japan so far but could be from anywhere

Tell us about the evolution of REDOSE.

Redose was created as an outlet for music by artists from the rednetic label. It hasn’t evolved too much yet as I have spent much of my time with rednetic recordings. I would like it to evolve a lot further and am looking for more artists and am in the process of redesigning it.

Does REDOSE have a specific sound/style/look?

The initial design was to keep it small and simple, why use a whole page when it is not needed. The dead bug just looked good.

Are you in touch with other netlabels? Is there a scene?
I am in touch with a few other netlabels especially who started out the same time and are good friends of mine. I have appeared on there as zainetica numerous times. Also who are a benchmark for other netlabels and home to some of my favourite artists. LacedMilk over in Florida home to many great artists as well. Also IVDT run by Headphone Science who has released tracks n5md and enpeg. Enpeg the netlabel wing of n5md. A top IDM label. Also filament So I think there is a scene but a very loose and amorphous one, I don’t feel a part of any scene. It’s just good to have other people around going through the same stuff and liking and disliking some of the same things.

Does REDOSE know how to bring the party?

We have cake??? . . . .I guess that’s a no then, unless you like cake, maybe Dundee cake. (ed note: I have no idea what Dundee cake is… must be a British thing)

What have you been listening to lately?

Burning Spear – Marcus Garvey
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going on
Future Beat Alliance – Disconnected
Dimension 5 - Alien Artform
Mint – Out of Context
General tunes from:
Remote, LFO, Utility Player, Joseph Auer

What’s going on in London these days?
Quite a lot as usual, there’s quite a few small gigs happening that I have gone to as well as playing at a couple at the Social and Ginglik. I have got bored of following what’s happening in the clubbing world, but in small bars and clubs things are bubbling under with connections to a few netlabels.
We have just organized a “Boltfish & Rednetic present Glitchnight London” at the Pool Bar on Wednesday 12th April

Shouts out to…
Paul, Praveen, Wil, Murray, Simon, Mark, Dave, Joe, Esa, Rudy, Mike@smallfish, Seiji, Arfan, Pietro and Francesca, Dustin, Mike@enpeg, Matt, Bruno, Chris, Lawrence, Inigo, Miles, Nik, Robin, Liz,

Thanks again, much respect.

New Labels Added


Took this lazy afternoon and updated the netlabel list. 30 plus new labels up there, so check em out. If you find a release that is particularly crucial, let me know. With so many netlabels out there, it is hard to find all the gems.

Net Label Focus: ZYMOGEN


Once again I find myself amazed at the quality of music which is available via netlabels right now. Zymogen is one such label that I have been feeling lately, so I contacted Filippo Aldovini and he agreed to do a BeatsGratis chit chat.

Both hard and beautiful and with an ear for experimentation, Zymogen's releases cover a range of electronic sounds. Zymogen is also a very nice looking site, which is always a bonus. Checkemout.

Name of Netlabel: Zymogen


Your Name:
Filippo Aldovini

Relation to Netlabel:

Coordinator, founder and fan.

Where are you?

Modena, a city in the north of Italy.

Are most of the artists on your label from there?

Not at all. Zymogen artists are all from foreign countries (Colombia, Japan, Switzerland…etc), but that’s not because I don’t want to produce music from Italy, just because till now I didn’t get in touch with valid musicians interested in the net-audio scene. Unfortunately here in Italy the concepts of netlabel and creative commons are still young, but projects like Ogredung and Laverna have done (…and are doing) a great job to introduce these ideas.
I’m working with the Creative Commons lead here in Italy to organize a workshop about netlabel to let people know better what are the possibilities of these new forms of music distribution…definitely exciting.

How many releases so far?

6 releases so far…and I keep listening to all of them :)

Does Zymogen have a concept/style?

Yes, zymogen follows some aesthetic directions.
We’re trying to keep those directions for the design of our artworks and website generally based on filtered photos of natural subjetcs, very simple though.
About the music we don’t pubblish a single genre, but, as you can see, we love to space through many different sonorities, nevertheless keeping an attitude and a definite method of promotion and support, trying not to fill our catalogue with too many releases but giving every single release visibility using channels like podcasts on itunes and all the portals about netaudio.

How do you usually meet the artists who you release?

It depends, usually I contact personally the artist to propose a collaboration, but I also receive proposals of collaboration via web or mail and I always love to listen new material.
Thanks to zymogen I had the possibility to know really nice persons that believed in this project since it started in my mind a long time ago, like David Velez (Lezrod) who nowadays is part of the zymogen “decision staff” and above all is a true friend.

Does Zymogen like to party?

Of course it does! I’m working on a showcase audio/visual dj-set based on zymogen music and in the future I’d like to organize some live events of our artists, but for now it’s only a project.

What does 2006 look like?

Looks really great! some important steps are planned for next months.
The two forthcoming releases will be really at high level: on april an lp of collaborations between Lezrod and other producers such as Darren McClure and for may another stunning ep from our japanese glitch-master Takeshi Nakamura, furthermore, for the end of april, is scheduled a radioshow hosted by dj Mogwai (, the coordinator of kreislauf e-zine (, dedicated to zymogen music and our artists, with an interview with me, previews from the next releases and other interesting news to know better what we’re doing (more details soon on our website).
Nevertheless the most important development of zymogen will be definitely the release of a physical cd in coproduction with Test Tube entirely produced by Lezrod and scheduled for september. That’s will be definitely a great challenge for us and an interesting experiment to test a different approach to music business, but fortunately I’m in good company working with Pedro Leitao of Test Tube/ Monocromatica label wich furthermore stands among my all time favorite netlabels.

What have you been listening to lately?

Recently I’m listening to Aoki Takamasa, Richard Devine, Murcof, Alva Noto, Traject, Shadow Huntaz, an italian ambient-rock band called Port-Royal, a little bit of grime, post-rock acts like Pelican, Isis, Jesu and obviously I’m following the releases of high-quality netlabel such as Test Tube, Serein, One, Earstroke, Yuki Yaki and many others…heterogeneous listening.

Big ups to…

My mate Tomaso Neri who’s working with me step by step from day one of this crazy adventure keeping up the entire website and working with me on graphic and design. David Velez, Takeshi Nakamura, Ilya and Paul Bocharov, Manuel, Luis Solìs and Laurent for producing such great music and Pedro Leitao for giving zymogen constnat inspiration with his great Test Tube netlabel.

Thanks for taking the time to chat. Respect.

Thank you too for give zymogen this space

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