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Net Label Focus: KYOTO

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The world of minimal electronic dub is a deep and mysterious place. What started as an obscure, Jamaican-based musical genre has made a heavy heavy impact on generations of artists from across the globe. Dubs rumble can be felt in the world of netlabels as well, and Copenhagen based KYOTO brings it. Label owner Xoki, who in my opinion delivers the heaviest selections on the label with tracks such as "Illuminated" and “Angular Dub”. There are many quality dubs on the sight, with an ear for spaciousness and true dub experimentation. Here’s to more netlabels pushing the dub sound. With so much quality dub and dubstep music coming out these days, lets hope we can count on some net-based bass power as well. A look at KYOTO

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Copenhagen Denmark

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Relation to net-label: Owner and contributing artist

Where are most the artists on the label from?

So far people who are involved are from Denmark, Germany, Poland and Russia

What is the unifying element in the music on Kyoto?

Deep hypnotic vibes, through dub and techno.

What are some of the major influences on the aesthetic of the label?

Well basically the traditional dub reggae of artists like King Tubby and Scientist as well as minimal dubby electronics – the fusion of Jamaican dub and techno from people like Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound and Deep Chord.

But apart from music one important thing is the environment we live in. This is I think the biggest inspiration to me. You know like when you walk down a rain soaked street at night and suddenly you here a bottle or something fall down and make this echoed sound bouncing off the walls of buildings. Or when you stand at a heavily trafficated street and just listen to the chaotic noise, and then at one point you notice there is a kind of vibrating rhythm to all the noise, way beneath the recognizable sounds of cars and people. Cities have probably been the biggest influence on the sound I want to push on the label.

How often do you release new music?

There is no schedule, I release when I feel I have some relevant material. And this can be any where from once a month to every third month or so. I tend to think that Kyoto is evolving as slow as the beat of our musicJ

How did the net-label get started?

It started as a platform for my own and my good friend Hieronymus’ deep and dubby sounds. And it grew a bit from there on. Actually I’m really surprised at seeing it get the recognition it has got so far. I always kept from hyping it and promoting it too much. Believing that if the music is good enough and relevant to other people then us, people will eventually notice it. And this is basically what happened.

What have you been listening to you lately?

Demo material, some very good stuff and some not so interesting stuff. And a new draft of Hieronymus’ upcoming album which has been in the making for something like two years now.

Are you into roots reggae and classic dub?

Of course! I grew up listening to reggae, my father was a big fan of the music. Especially Hieronymus who has been a major driving force for Kyoto, is a huge dub and reggae enthusiast.

Are there live events associated with the label?

Much respect, thanks. Who would you like to give shouts out to?
All contributing artists and listeners thanks for your interest and support.

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