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Now, we all know Wu Tang Clan, and there is not much that hasn't been said or that needs to be said about these don's of hip hop. Prolific and massive, Wu Tang just keep it coming in all formats. That is why I just had to include their website, as a spot to stop by when looking for critical, free beats pon the internet.

In their "Media" section, Wu Tang have uploaded 215 (!!!) mp3's for the takin'. These mp3's cover the spectrum of Wu Tang artists, and hail from albums, remixes, mix tapes and rarities. Seriously, don't sleep.

Blog Focus: schrikdraad®



This blog came to my attention after my boy Dubious from the SuperStatus Crew shot me the link. From that point on it was all about me checking in every day, cus rudeboys over at schrikdraad® have mad records to share. I'm telling you, they are the hot hot as well. None of these every day kinda things, so don't front.

After visiting the site for a few months, I thought I would give him a shout and ask if he wanted to do the beatsgratis question session. He agreed, and the response is below. Big respect to schrikdraad® crew, and to reggae heads each and every! Bo!

Your Name: head honcho

Age: 22 years old.

Relation to website: Owner/founder/creator.

Where are you located?

Nijmegen, Holland, although I temporarily live somewhere else because of my new job.

What is the main concept behind Schrikdraad?

There’s not really a main concept. I just post music that I like. Mostly reggae and dub music from the 70s and early 80s (the golden era of reggae) . In the beginning I posted links to al kinds of music, but after a while I started concentrating on reggae and reggae related music. Usually (if I can find any info) I also try to tell something about the artist, or the music. I also try to focus on out of print albums.

You can argue with me about it, but in my opinion today’s Jamaican music has nothing to do with reggae any more. Listen for example to Ninjaman or Vibez Cartel, it all sounds so cheap if you compare them with the well known albums from the 70s. So you won’t see any modern Jamaican music on my blog.

How long have you been doing this blog? Since +- November 2004.

Tell us about how you came to be interested in Reggae music.

I always had an interest in reggae music. It started when I was about twelve years old, and heard a Bob Marley (there where some greatest hits on it like, ‘No Woman no Cry, ‘Buffalo Soldier’, etc) , tape . Since then I loved it. Unfortunatly there wasn’t any internet, and all you could buy here where the same awful albums from UB40 & inner circle. So it really started when I hooked on to the internet.

Is there a Reggae scene where you are living?

I really don’t know, Probably there is. But at the moment I’m too busy with al kinds of things ( my new job for example ), so I don’t have any time to get involved.

Where do you buy most of your Reggae records?

On the internet, because most of what I like isn’t available in common stores around here.

How do you upload the music to mp3? Is there a specific program you are using?

I use any program that is useful, and I have contacts with people who rip music from cd and or LP. Basically I’ll try to get my hands on as much music as I can get.

Have you ever visited Jamaica?

No, because I’m don’t have the money , and I don’t think it’s a great country to visit, a lot of poverty, you know. I would rather visit the Bahamas or the Cayman Islands.

Do you follow contemporary Reggae and Dancehall?

Do you also DJ or are you strictly a collector?

Personally I don’t do any DJ stuff. I would love to do it, but like I said before I don’t have the money to buy a good turntable.

Name 5 Reggae records that everyone should have, but probably don’t have:

1) Lee Perry – blackboard jungle dub ( re-release on Auralux, 2004 )

2) Horace Andy – skylarking ( Studio One 1970 )

3) Augustus Pablo & Hugh Mundell – Africa must be free by 1983

4) Prince Douglas – dub roots

5) Bullwackies All Stars – free for all dub ( Aires, 1975 )

What have you been listening to lately?

When I’m at home there’s always reggae music in the cd player. I listen to +- 10 albums a day. And besides that, I’m a big fan of Augustus Pablo. I think I have most of his albums.

Are there other blogs or sights like yours that you can point people to?

I am a frequent visitor to your blog, so thanks so much for the music. Big respect to you.

You’re welcome, if you have any suggestions, tips or whatever, than feel free to contact me.

Is there anyone you want to give a shouts out to?

Krieger, for sharing a one of a kind and unique Lee ‘scratch’ Perry tape.

(Ed.note: Man, hook us up wit the one of a kind Scratch tape!)



Been a pretty busy summer so far, so I should apologize for not updating the site in a while. I promise to be more on top of it as the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter, but until then... it is summer, so gotta enjoy that.

I have just finished a new mix called AFTER HOURS. This one is a sort of 3am dancefloor beatdown, inspired by many a late night in random lofts and warehouses and driving through the great city of Chicago in the wee hours of the morning. It is done up on Traktor, sort of free form stylee. Turn it up loud and shake it out a bit. So, here's some late night/early morning jack for ya'all.

Set List:


DJ Municiple

Rubber – Audion [Spectral]
Welcome to the New Age Disco – Stasis [Peacefrog]
7am – Unique 3 [Ten]
Osram 509 – Sun Electric [R&S]
On the Floor – Baby Ford [Klang Electronik]
Journey Home – Drexcyia [Warp]
Yesco – Kerrier District [Rephlex]
d12 – Auntie Acid [white]
Lock It – Takeshi Onda (Atom Heart)[Logistics]
Chiba – The Black Dog [Warp]
Follow You – DJ Hell [Motor]
21 Brothers – Brothers in Arms (Atom Heart)[Logistics]
Je Suis Musique – Hieroglyphic Being [Spectral]
Town Hall Take 2 – Mossa [Epsilonlab]
Piano – Joe Lewis [Target]
Zillker Park – False [Plus8]
Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Remix) – Isolee [Classic]

Get the mixxx here: AFTER HOURS

For more mixes by DJ Municiple, aka Junior D stop by the website of the mighty DUB SOUNDSYSTEM and get your fill.

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