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This is a new mix I have been putting together for the past few weeks. It features all Warp Records or Arcola releases, as well as the inclusion of D-Funked by Dexter which was not a Warp release, but was featured on the “Bleep Oh Six” free to download compilation, which I thought was fair game considering the focus on free music that this blog is pushing. While one would probably think that a Warp mix is going to be full on IDM and drum and bass, with big players like Aphex Twin, Autechre and Squarepusher featured, this one does not. While those are the songs and artists that eventually moved Warp records forward and created an arguably signature sound, these are the records that were more fringe, and for the dancefloor. These are the tracks that show that Warp knows how to jack. Wearing their acid house heritage proudly on their sleeves, Warp released some of the more crucial acid and techno tracks of the 90’s and continue to kill the dance floor from time to time. A lot of these tracks mean a lot to me personally, a rave long ago kinda thing, you know how it is. I know its unpopular to like Warp now and all that but I have mad respect still and haters can try to jack elsewhere.

I am certainly not really a dj, so I apologize for some moments in the mix. I did this on Traktor and rocked it sort of improve on a Saturday afternoon. The tracks have not been pitched up or down more than a nudge, in order to keep the original vibe of the tracks. I know some people get sensitive about that. The Most of the tracks come from Bleep downloads. I give you Warp Jack and I hope you are enjoying the summer.



Come and Join the Future - Tuff Little Unit [WARP2]
Trust City - DSR [WAP19]
Matala - Brothomstates [ARC004]
Babaloo - DSR [WAP19]
Dance Floor Microphysics - Louis Digital [ARC003]
Roll X - V.L.A.D. [WAP130]
Its Your Love - The Other People Place [WARPLP90]
Obsession - Denis Rusnak [ARC002]
Freaky Deaky (more bounce to the ounce mix) - Lex Loofah [WAP41]
Mojo’s Workin - Black Mojo [WAP43]
Electron (blue print mix) - Wild Planet [WAP22]
Give It Up - Chok Rock [WAP188]
Kilohertz - Elecktroids [WAP65]
Rain/Shine - Move D [WAP80]
Thin Crust - Sympletic [WAP79]
Polka Trax 4 - Mike Ink [WAP82]
The City (fourtet mix) - Jamie Lidell [WARPLP143]
Ace Space - Sympletic [WAP79]
Global Warning (underground mix) - K Hand [WAP55]
D-Funked - Dexter [BleepOhSix]
Stop the World - Dub Kult [ARC001]
Oscillator - RAC [WAP52]
Teknotest - Cane [ARC05
Acid 101 - K Hand [WAP55]

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