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Its been too long since I featured any net labels, and with the coming of autumn I went searching for one that would really suit the vibe of the season. I came upon Camomille and downloaded some of the releases and was feeling them from the start. Coming from a more ambient and mood-ish sound, Camomille knows how to keep things chill. Label creator Vincent Fugère took some time to answer a few questions about Camomille and such. Check out the label for yourself, and kick back for a very mellow autumn.


Who are you? Vincent Fugère

Age? 24

Where is Camomille based?
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

How many releases have you put out to date?
We’re currently at release #95, and we have 3 ‘ other releases ‘ including 2 very old module music disks by Kaneel and Vizion and a liveset by Makunouchi Bento.

How many artists are on your label?
63 in all !

Is there a Camomille sound?
Well camomille does not have a ‘ niche sound ‘ in my opinion. I try to stay versatile in the styles that I release; I’m much more interested in exploring the characters behind the tracks through their music and experiments. I have released harsh noise, idm, ambient, rock, pop, and exp stuff, but these days I’m leaning more towards the stuff that I’m currently listening to, the best example would be the Demeter Weeps compilation and the Pocka album.

How did Camomille get started?

It’s been somewhat of a personal and therapeutic start for me. It all started when I was 18 or 19 and was diagnosed with acute anxiety and prescribed anti-depressants. I was on that, ( and I must say, most of you reading this are artists and are prone to depression and the sort, really, don’t come near them ;) ) and feeling number than ever so I asked my doctor for alternatives to chemical treatment and he told me to meditate and drink camomille! The whole idea came when I was drinking camomille and constantly listening to Chimera’s A Long Way From Heaven ; the premise was to offer emotional ambient music to those in need. Of course the formula changed and evolved over the years. And I couldn’t have done that without the great artists and friends that had enough confidence in me and my project to supply amazing music, like blisaed, surasshu, shiftless and xerxes.

How has the experience of running a net label been?
It’s been absolutely great, I’ve realized how great a tool the internet is and made a lot of great, great friends that eventually became personal friends and business relationships. And it helped me discover so much beautiful art and helped me grow as an artist.

Do you know other people who run net labels? Are there any that stand out to you?
I’m good friends with Nik Racine ( kahvi ), Huw Roberts ( Serein ), Xavier Dang ( hellven ) and Erik Skodvin ( miasmah ), and it so happens they are some of my favorite netlabels. I’m really amazed by what Serein and Miasmah have been putting out lately, it has such depth and strength of character. I don’t have much time but try to keep up with Zymogen, Tokyo Dawn ( although seemingly dead right now ), and Robotopera to name a few.

Who does the design for the label? I think the look really suits the music.
I do, under the name of my multimedia company Genshi Media ( shameless publicity : ). When I did this design version, I always kept in mind to keep it simple, somewhat minimal and very calming to the eye. I like it and I don’t think I’ll be changing it soon ( I’m the kind of webdesigner always redesigning hehe )

I get sleepy when I drink Camomille tea. Which of your releases would go perfectly with a cup on a Sunday afternoon?
Shiftless’ Implosion ep ( rel#40 ), especially the track Triumph, is an absolute when it comes to relaxing and dozing off, as I’ve done it often myself. Others are David Kristian’s Live from the rainy season show ( rel#87 ), and our latest compilation, Demeter Weeps ( rel #92 ) are definitely going to accompany perfectly your camomille tea.

I know that the Camomille folks love their ambient music. In your opinion, what are five essential ambient albums?

In the netlabel world :
Migloje – Ayesteeyah ( kahvi )
Chimera – A long way from heaven ( hellven )
VA – Lighted Apartment ( miasmah )
VA – Wein, weib & gesang ( kikapu )
Darkhalo – Heaven’s fury ( self released )

And in the professional labels ( this is really hard but I’ll put the ones that touched me the most ) :
Dead Texan – Dead Texan ( Kranky )
Stars of the lid – The tired sounds of.. ( Kranky )
Eluvium – Talk amongst the trees ( Temporary residence )
Pan American – Quiet City ( Kranky )
Julien Neto – Le fumeur de ciel ( Type Records )

Other than music, what other elements do you feel have an influence on Camomille?

Pretty much all art, mostly literature and graphic art, but it is also influenced by what’s around us, either politically and sociologically, and maybe that’s why these last few months, camomille releases have been nostalgic but somber.

Time for the shout outs to your people…
My people ! The #musou peeps ! Kaneel, Troupe, Planet Boelex, Shiftless, Mike Shusta, Transient, Mv, Blisaed and the rest of Efnet people. Jules, Erik, Huw, Nik. The Apegenine Family, The Ronin Crew ! HOLLAH.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat. All the best.

Thanks to you ! it’s been fun to indulge in shameless self-promotion. I’d like to remind your readers that camomille is doing a remix compilation for our special 100th birthday and that they can submit tracks to us !
Long life to the Netlabel scene!

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